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When Life Gives You Lemons…

It all started in the hot summer of 2021. My husband and I were craving a simple glass of classic lemonade and trawled the juice vendors of the San Francisco Bay Area to find it. We searched high and low, thinking “how hard can it be to find this classic summer drink?”

Although we were able to find lots of specialty items such as frappes, teas, and boba, we couldn’t find anyone who offered a straightforward lemonade. Not to be deterred, we decided to make our own!

… Make Lemonade

Armed with a desire to produce a timeless, no-frills beverage, we experimented to create the perfect blend of fresh fruit, organic sugar, and water. After a lot of trial and error, we finally arrived at the ideal concoction. The result is an excellently balanced and refreshing beverage, perfect for those hot summer days.

Recognizing that we had an opportunity to fill the “lemonade gap” for others in the area, we’ve set out to provide delicious lemonade in San Francisco.

About Doodle Mom Lemonade

Doodle Mom Lemonade is a minority woman-owned beverage company located in the San Fransico Bay Area. We offer the most deliciously refreshing lemonade in the bay area made with simple ingredients—fresh fruit from the farmers market, purified reverse osmosis water, and organic sugar.

Brand Values and Beliefs

Hard Working




Be Kind to Others



Pay it Forward

Mission Statement

Today for you and tomorrow for me. Treat others how you wanted to be treated.

Our Lemonade

We believe that the best things in life are uncomplicated, which is why every one of our handcrafted beverages contains just three ingredients: fresh fruit, organic sugar, and purified reverse osmosis water.

As in all areas of life, hard work defines the difference between a mediocre result and an exceptional one. And we’re happy to tell you that our juices are exceptional! Not convinced? Try them for yourself!


Just like our ingredients list, our selection of flavors is short and sweet. The basic recipe is still just fruit, sugar, and water—the only thing that changes is the proportions. Which flavor is the perfect match for you?

Classic Lemonade

A summer staple: our classic lemonade is the ultimate thirst-quencher!

Strawberry Lemonade

Our fan-favorite strawberry lemonade cuts in the perfect amount of sweetness, making this drink an ideal choice for summer days.

Mango Peach Lemonade

Mango and peach: is there a better combination?
Yes—when you add lemonade!

Dragonfruit Lemonade

With a taste that’s described as a mix between a kiwi and pear, dragonfruit and lemonade are an unmatched duo.

Tropical Lemonade

Immerse yourself in summer with our blend of tropical fruits and lemonade. Sweet and tart join for the ultimate taste sensation!

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